Massive ransomware cyberattack hits countries around the world. 

The ransomware is estimated to have made over twenty thousand dollars. (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

Organizations in nearly one hundred countries around the world were hit by a virus that seized control of computers until victims paid a ransom. Affected machines had six hours to pay, and every few hours the ransom would rise. Hospitals, major companies, and government offices were hit in countries such as Russia, Taiwan, U.K., and China. The attack was stopped by a security researcher in the U.K., who registered the domain to analyze the virus, which coincidently also stopped the spreading. The virus, called WannaCry, had been spread through a Windows vulnerability. Microsoft has since released patches for computers running older operating systems, but the patches will not help already infected computers.

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Thailand warns Facebook to remove anti-monarchy posts. 

The Thai courts drafted 309 pages for removal, of which 178 have been taken down by Facebook. (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

Thailand has given Facebook until 16 May to remove approximately one hundred thirty-one pages of posts critical of the monarchy, threatening legal action against the media giant. Thailand has among the world’s strictest laws protecting the royal family from public criticism, with each offence punishable by up to fifteen years in jail. The royalist military government took power in 2014 and currently censor any online material insulting the monarchy. Last month, Thai authorities banned online interaction with three prominent overseas critics. Five people have already been arrested for sharing Facebook posts by one of the academics.

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Controversy sparks after President Trump fires FBI director.

FBI director, James Comey, testifying in front of the Senate. (Image courtesy CNBC)

Huge controversy was created when United States President Donald Trump unexpectedly fired James Comey, the FBI director, on Tuesday, 9 May. CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin claimed the firing to be a “grotesque abuse of power,” while MSNC claimed the act was “treasonous.” In an interview with a NBC reporter, Trump stated that a prime reason behind his decision was that Commey was too focused on links between the US and Russia instead of the “real story.”

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Jail inmate dies in shooting at Illinois hospital.

Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital: where the shooting occured. (Image courtesy of Global News)

Tywon Salter, a twenty-one year old armed jail inmate, was shot by officers hours after he stole a gun from a guarding officer. Salter had held a female hostage at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital; she was later freed following the inmate’s shooting. The hospital went into lockdown, with the emergency room being fully cleared. Visitors were advised not to come in the area during the standoff.

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Two cases of Ebola discovered in Congo.

Hygienists in a treatment center in Lokolia, Democratic Republic of Congo. (Image courtesy of CBC)

Officials from the government and the World Health Organization reached Bas-Uele after two suspected cases of Ebola were discovered in Congo. A few weeks ago, a thirty-nine year old man died of the disease, with the two suspected cases being of the taxi-driver who brought the man and of the one who took care of him while in the facility. The total number of cases in the area has reached eleven. Including this one, Congo has had eight Ebola outbreaks, the highest for any country.

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