Paris promises to ban all gas-powered vehicles by 2030.

Paris plans to get rid of all gasoline-powered cars by 2030. (Image courtesy of Reuters)

Paris City Hall set a new initiative to remove all gas-powered vehicles by 2030 in support of Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s plan to remove all diesel cars by 2024. While the plan is feasible, City Hall said the plans would not be an actual ban if the goals were not accomplished. Air pollution is increasing in Paris and there have been days when City Hall barred half of the cars from going on the roads to reduce emissions. Hidalgo is adding several options to reduce car use such as banning cars on Champs-Elysees Avenue once a month, and introducing rental bikes and a fleet of electric cars. France’s goal is to ban all fossil-fuel cars by 2040 and the Paris mayor believes the real change must first happen in urban areas for the plan to be possible.

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India bans marital sex with minors.

A child rape survivor stands outside. (Image courtesy of CNN)

India’s Supreme Court has removed a legal clause allowing men to have non-consensual marital sex with minors. The court also raised the age of consent to eighteen for all women. Previously, marital rape was legal if the wife was above the age of fifteen but rape outside of a marriage was illegal.  This ruling will solidify the laws previously made for this offense and makes a massive impact as up to three million girls under eighteen are married each year in India. 

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Public holiday declared in Panama after national soccer team qualifies for World Cup.

Panama’s soccer team celebrates after the victory. (Image courtesy of ESPN)

Panama president Juan Carlos Valera declared 11 October 2017 a public holiday after the national soccer team qualified for the World Cup the day before. All work and school are canceled for the whole day. It is the first time Panama has succeeded in making it to the World Cup since 1978 with ten failed campaigns. The country beat Costa Rica 2-1 on Tuesday allowing Panama to move on and play in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The team was losing 1-0 when a ghost goal that didn’t appear to cross the line was ruled in and allowed the Panama soccer team to win the game.

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Easter Island DNA analysis shows isolation.   

A picture of the moai at Easter Island. (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

Easter Island or Rapa Nui is an isolated island about three times the size of Manhattan in the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean. It is over one thousand miles from its closest neighbour and home to the famous moai. Because of the remoteness of the island, scientists have been attempting to discover how inhabitants landed there. Scientists speculate that Asian and Native American people discovered and inhabited the island starting in the thirteenth century. However, using rib bones from five individuals, they found mostly Polynesian ancestry as expected, but also barely any Native American history. Nevertheless, some scientists still believe there was Native American interaction and the sample size was too small to detect it.

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Mogadishu terrorist truck bomb kills hundreds.

Vehicles burn after the bomb goes off. (Image courtesy of EPA)

On 15 October 2017, two bombs exploded in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. The attack contained the largest explosion in the city’s history and killed at least three hundred people with the death toll still rising and injured over five hundred. Victims were mostly citizens of Mogadishu as well as volunteers and civil servants. Investigators blame the attack on Al-Shabaab, a group affliated with al-Qaida since 2011. President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed urged citizens to donate blood and declared three days of mourning in light of the events.

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