Scientific studies show that many species of mammals – humans included – have similar distress cries as infants 


Infant marmots’ cries are similar to that of a deer. Image courtesy of Suzi Eszterhas/Minden Pictures

How similar are we to deer? It doesn’t stop at the fact that we’re both mammals. As biologists Susan Lingle and Tobias Riede have concluded after in-depth studies, the cries of human infants are similar to those of deer, marmots, seals, and other mammals. A fawn’s distress call is enough to trigger the motherly instinct in a female deer and cause her to come running to protect her young.  Furthermore, in a study, deer mothers responded just as quickly to the (recorded) helpless cries of cats, dogs, seals, and humans. The scientists’ research showed that the pitch of each species’ cries was very similar, thus attracting the attention of the mother deer. This monumental research suggests that the crying of infants triggers a primal instinct, or that emotion in mothers of any mammalian species cause them to rush to the infants’ aid.

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The first minister of Scotland is stepping down as leader after losing in independence referendum.

alex salmond

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond steps down. Image courtesy of Reuters

On 19 September 2014 Scottish residents went to the polls to vote on whether or not Scotland would remain as part of the United Kingdom. When the votes split 55% and 45% in favour of the “no” side, it was clear that first minister Alex Salmond had failed in his attempt to separate Scotland from the UK. Almost as a farewell wish, Salmond politely urged UK Chancellor George Osborne to uphold his promises of transferring some power to the Scottish government in the event of a “no” outcome.

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Canadians suspected to have traveled abroad to assist ISIS are not being given the chance to return to Canada.

canadian passport

The luxury of the Canadian passport will be invalidated for those who join extremist groups. Image courtesy of the Toronto Star.

The federal government has started taking steps to invalidate the passports of citizens who have joined extremist groups in Iraq and Syria. Approximately 160 Canadians are believed to have gone overseas to aid the terrorist tactics of ISIS and other extremist groups, and these former citizens are well on their way to being stranded in the war torn region. As ISIS has shown themselves to be capable of cold-blooded executions, no government in the world is willing to let it continue further. Although relatively few Canadians have committed themselves to terrorism in the Middle East, this newest tactic of invalidated passports punishes those who have chosen a path in terrorism. It also serves as a reminder to Canadians with similar intentions of the potential consequences.

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53000 word report released by North Korea states that they have the “most advantageous human rights system”.

kim jong un

Authorities in North Korea are reluctant to agree with UN reports regarding their human rights. Image courtesy of

The report highlights that North Korea is the best country in terms of human rights. This was released after a UN- sanctioned human rights inquiry found the North Korean government guilty of horrendous crimes not limited to, but including: rape, murder, and enslavement. North Korea waved these accusations away as “misunderstandings”. The report goes as far as to redefine human rights and to reject the Western world’s definition of human rights as being cause for various invasions by the United States. It is evident that North Korea will not be persuaded by any international sanctions to change their methods, despite their record of violence and maltreatment.

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