Illustration: Sarah Li

I was not born yesterday.

I punched the air in silent frustration

Because i know i am a golden songbird

And yet i am too young, too little to know

Anything about the real, live world

Can’t control that stinky life of yours

Your choices make no sense to society

My words just falsetto, pretty and fake

Child, you’re innocent, straight pure

How could you possibly understand more?

I am not the same girl that I was yesterday.

Because my mind is a broken glass mine

It reflects what i’ve learned and seen

A million thousand times in full colour

And i’ve seen, and i’ve felt and i’ve hurt

And i still know i am not fully ready

But damn, i’m bruised and i’ve climbed tall hills

This roaring heart ain’t weak, she’s fought

And she will not hesitate in the face

Of a storm, no matter how wretched

I am better than yesterday.