Students show support by purchasing daffodil pins. Photo: Abigail Chau

Students show support by wearing daffodil pins. Photo: Abigail Chau

Lately, you may have seen bright yellow daffodil pins dotting the shirts of students around the school. The Youth Sarcoma Initiative (YSI) held a Cancer Awareness Week from 15-19 April, during official Cancer Awareness month.

Although cancer is already known for being a malicious disease, many students are unaware of how powerful its impact is. Cancer Awareness Week, initiated in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society, was created to educate students about the danger of these malignant cells, and to allow students to share their experiences.

“It allowed students to share their stories and messages and show their support for the fight against cancer. It is important because not only does it reinforce that cancer is a worthwhile cause to battle, but also bring the students in the school together”, says Cheyenne Guo, club founder.

YSI president Cheyenne Guo poses with Rini    Ilango, vice president.

Vice president Rini Ilango poses with Cheyenne Guo, club founder and president. Photo: Abigail Chau

Throughout the week, different events took place each day, and daffodil pins, chosen by the organization to symbolize the fight against cancer, were sold. On Sticky Note Monday, notes with cancer-related facts were posted around the school and every 3 stickies collected could be redeemed for a free treat. Trivia Tuesday tested the students’ knowledge from Monday’s sticky notes, and Wednesday was Smurf Day, where they wore blue to show their support against cancer. On Photobooth Thursday, pictures were taken with a personally written cancer-fighting message, and the large “Cancer Sucks” poster on Signature Friday was signed by many of the participants.

The Cancer Awareness Week initiative ended successfully as crowds of MGCI students came to participate in interactive activities and donate funds by purchasing daffodil pins, a symbol of hope. The participants also connected as they heard stories of loved ones battling against cancer.

YSI plans to have more events, which will be posted on their Facebook page here: